Artists 2017

//Artists 2017

A.J. Croce (USA)

The return of American singer and songwriter A. J. Croce, who first played at Tønder Festival in 2016.

Afenginn (DK) & GLAS (DK, NO, FO, FI)

Afenginn is one of the most courageous and original bands on the Danish music scene. At Tønder Festival 2017 Afenginn will be appearing with the Scandinavian vocal group GLAS, who are influenced by the Bulgarian choral song tradition.

Allan Olsen (DK)

The danish songwriter Allan Olsen returns to Tønder Festival.

Altan (IRL)

This is Altan’s sixth apparance at Tønder Festival, and to add to the festivity of the occasion, 2017 marks Altan’s 30th anniversary.

Dallahan (SCO/IRL)

A relatively new name taking a head-long run at the international music scene, Dallahan are based in Scotland, but their musical roots are definitely in Irish traditional music.

Daniel Norgren (S)

This 33 year-old Swedish musician fills venues all over Europe with his dynamic yet emotional songs accompanied in simple style. Daniel Norgren is inspired by folk, blues and the American singer-songwriter tradition.

Danni Nicholls (ENG)

British singer and songwriter Danni Nicholls has country, folk and American roots music in her bloodstream.

Dorthe Gerlach (DK)

Dorthe Gerlach is known as half of the duo Hush, but since 2014 she has been focusing on her solo career. In 2015 Dorthe Gerlach put out a solo album Natlys (Night Light), 11 songs in Danish.

Foy Vance (UK)

The world has noticed Ulster songwriter Foy Vance, whose breakthrough album is his most recent, The Wild Swan.

Grant-Lee Phillips (USA)

At 53, Grant-Lee Phillips has worked his way into the elite of American indie folk rock, bulding his solo career since 2000. Before that, he fronted Grant Lee Buffalo.

Hans Theessink & Terry Evans (NL, USA)

This year, Hans Theessink is coming to Tønder Festival with his American colleague, singer and songwriter Terry Evans.

Homesick Hank (DK)

The Danish band Homesick Hank formed in 2002, finding their feet instinctively in what was then known as alternative country.

Hush (DK)

Danish band Hush have been on a long sabbatical, but now they are back, and it will be Tønder Festival that welcomes this fine country rock band back to the live stage.

Ìmar (SCO, IRL)

From Glasgow, this new quintet numbers members of Mànran, Rura and Talisk. The band works with traditional Irish and Scots music.

Jacob Dinesen (DK)

In a fairy-tale like sequence of events, Tønder boy Jacob Dinesen, who played at Tønder Festival for the first time in 2012, has gone on to win national fame.

John Moreland (USA)

From Tulsa in Oklahoma, with a voice grated in the same dust that tinted Woody Guthrie’s Dust Bowl ballads, John Moreland’s songs are rooted in that very same soil.

Kaia Kater (CAN)

The musical inspiration is partly Canadian folk music, partly traditional Appalachian music.

Karl Blau (USA)

Karl Blau has over 40 releases to his name. He comes from the north-west, halfway between the cultural hotspots of Seattle, USA, and Vancouver.

Kentaur (DK)

The Tønder Festival audience has a treat in store in this new formation on the Danish music scene.

Laura Mo (DK)

An original Danish singer and songwriter who fills the stage with wild energy, thoughtful lyrics and a voice which one critic called “delicate, almost tender, but with deep overtones.”

Leyla McCalla (USA)

Her music curls elegantly and with assured respect round the folk traditions of Louisiana and Haiti. Leyla McCalla is a classically trained cellist and she plays banjo and guitar as well.

Lion Bear Fox (CAN)

Out of Vancouver in Canada, this storm of a trio is raging over Canada’s music scene right now. The three musicians are highly qualified in their genres: folk, rock and pop.

Loudon Wainwright III (USA)

Turning 70 has not slowed US songwriter Loudon Wainwright III down one bit. He is still touring, writing and publishing albums as lustily as ever.

Lucinda Williams (USA)

This is one we have been after for years, and now she’s coming. The American singing star Lucinda Williams is playing her only Danish concert of summer 2017 at Tønder Festival.

Marc Cohn (USA)

In 1991 Marc Cohn had a massive hit, Walking In Memphis. The song appeared on his debut album Marc Cohn and placed the songwriter and singer among the US music elite.

Mick Flannery (IRL)

33 year-old Mick Flannery from Ireland was on the bill at Tønder Festival in 2016. This singer and songwriter has a lot to tell, and a voice of rare intensity and passion to tell it.

Nive Nielsen (GR)

Greenlandic singer and songwriter Nive Nielsen has toured all over Europe and USA and is currently making a name for herself in Denmark. Her music is indie folk inspired by americana.

Réalta (IRL)

From Belfast in Northern Ireland comes a new take on traditional Irish music. The Réalta quintet play uilleann pipes, flute, guitar, piano, bass, bouzouki and bodhrán and sing brilliantly.

Red Hot Chilli Pipers (SCO)

Their own name for it is bagrock: a heaving, frenetic blend of Highland pipes and familiar riffs and hits from the rock and pop charts.

Romengo (HU)

World class Hungarian Roma music: five-piece Romengo is one of Hungary’s best bands, and they master traditional olah gypsy folk music.

Sam Outlaw (USA)

Sam Outlaw creates his own South Californian country sound, with a Bakersfield Telecaster twang and shades of late sixties country rock from Los Angeles.

Sarah Jarosz (USA)

Newly proclaimed double Grammy winner for her album Undercurrent, Sarah Jarosz is without a doubt one of the biggest names on the US folk scene right now.

Shovels & Rope (USA)

Shovels & Rope employ simple means to create a big sound that stretches from punk blues to rooted folk to beautiful, low-key ballads.

Spirit Family Reunion (USA)

In 2016, Tønder Festival’s audience discovered Spirit Family Reunion. The six-piece band from Brooklyn is back this year, and there are many reasons to rejoice.

Talisk (SCO)

Talisk form a tight, virtuoso trio who have the tradition at their fingertips, but also dare seek out new routes.

Tami Neilson (CAN/NZ)

Powerful singing and old-school country style mark Tami Neilson’s music.

The Savage Rose (DK)

One of the most important and most resilient of all Danish bands, The Savage Rose, with Annisette Koppel’s signal vocal in front, are celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2017.

Ulaid (IRL)

With a background in some of the major Irish bands, these three musicians have already established their credentials as exponents and interpreters of traditional music.

William Prince (CAN)

With his soft baritone, William Prince has taken the prairie by storm. Last year, he won the award for Aboriginal Artist of the Year at The West Canadian Music Awards.

Women’s Circle (UK, CAN, NZ, DK)

The Women’s Circle show, presenting female songwriters from home and abroad, a fascinating, one-off concoction of artists from Canada, New Zealand, England and Denmark.

Yola Carter (ENG)

Her power soul vocals and musical talent have been put to good use with big names like Massive Attack and Katy Perry. Yola Carter has now opened a new chapter in her story, as a solo americana singer.

Young Seminole Hunters and King James & The Special Men (USA)

This year King James & The Special Men will be joined by Young Seminole Hunters, authentic Mardi Gras Indians in impressive, colourful gear.