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“Australia: Woodford. Canada: Edmonton. Scotland: Celtic Connections. England: Shrewsbury. USA: Festival International De Louisiane. Denmark: Tonder. These are the best. All for different reasons. But no one roles out the red carpet for Artists, like the Tonder Festival. They turn a tent, into a venue, in a way that is nearly unmatched. Volunteer organization, is top notch, as is the general organization of the running of everyday things, and the Line-up… speaks for itself. Have a great festival!”
(Leonard Podolak 2017, review, Tønder Festival Facebook)

“I have played festivals all over the world – Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada the UK – Tonder is in my Top 5. As a musician I was always treated like a king. As a listener, the sound crews are amazing, the venues are comfortable and the artists are always top notch. I always end the weekend wanting more.”
(James Callaghan Keelaghan, 2017, Tønder Festival Facebook)

“The Tønder Festival is a wonderfull cross section of music from all over the world. You don’t need to know, who’s playing, you just walk up and go try it. It’s gonna be good. The festival is impeccably booked. It’s an incredible festival. It’s the young, the old, the new cutting edge names.  Maria, the booker of the festival, gets the musicians right before they get famous. That’s a powerfull gift. And there’s a kindness here, that makes me feel comfortable and at home. ”
(Mary Gauthier, 2016)

“This is my first time at Tonder Festival. I don’t want to overstate my experience here. I have played hundreds of festivals in a lot of different countries and I am almost shocked over what these people have created here. This is what everybody want a festival to be!”
(Del Barber, 2016)

“If you let yourself fall in love with Tonder Festival, you can’t help feeling drawn to it at the end of August every year. You just have to come down. I have heard some of the best concerts of my life here in Tonder. Both musicians and listeners feel a special bond with the music here. It’s a way of understanding music.”
(Signe Svendsen, 2016)

“What makes Tonder very special is the audience’s interest in the music and their attentiveness. There is time and space to immerse yourself in the music. There is a reason why everyone is aware of Tonder Festival. Not because Tonder Festival has changed, but because the times have changed. These days, there is a need for closer attention, for depth.”
(Folkeklubben, 2016)

“The Tonder Festival site is beautiful, there is something for everyone. The first thing I think of in connection with Tonder Festival is the love of the music. The music is the essence. And then there are so many musicians you only hear at Tonder Festival.”
(Jacob Dinesen, 2017)

“Tonder Festival has a good reputation as an exciting and distinctive festival. There is no doubt that Tonder Festival helps Danish musicians who put on a good show here.”
(Thomas Alstrup, Jonah Blacksmith, 2017)

“I don’t know of a more balanced festival audience, as regards gender, age, social class, or whatever, than Tønder’s. These people care for the fundamental music, the music that all other music draws on. That is Tønder’s music. It has its highs and lows, but it will always be with us. Any rock musician worth his salt knows his roots. Where would Dylan and Springsteen be, if they didn’t drink regularly at the source?”
(Niels Hausgaard, 2013)

“I have always felt this was a festival with a rare warmth, where everything is looser and more relaxed than other places. It’s something you can’t work out beforehand. It’s interesting – and the best, living proof that this festival is thriving and has a well-defined direction. This is not just about keeping something old alive. I can also feel it when I meet the new generation of international songwriters who appear here: Tønder is a festival that has a wide embrace for its musicians and its audience and therefore has become a modern festival.”
(Poul Krebs, 2014)

“The Tonder festival in 1982 was my introduction to Denmark, and I have to thank Alex Campbell and Carsten Panduro for starting me on the journey that became a series of so many good times, with so many good friends, not only at the festival but throughout Denmark. I’m really pleased to be back at what surely must be one of the best festivals in Europe. Now the festival is under new management, let’s make it the first of many to remember!”
(Allan Taylor, 2015)