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Eine weitere absage

Die canadische band The East Pointers hat leider ihre Konzerte beim diesjährigen Tønder Festival absagen müssen.

Fiedler und Sänger Tim Chaisson schreibt mit Bedauern an Tønder Festivals künstlerische Leiterin Maria Theessink:

”Hi Maria! Hope all is going well for the festival 🙂 I’m so sad to tell you but The East Pointers won’t be able to make it to Tonder! 🙁 My wife, Jane and I were expecting our baby last week and it still hasn’t arrived – so we’re just waiting patiently for it to happen! Jake (bandets guitarist, red.) and his wife, Lucy just welcomed a beautiful little girl last week! We’re very sad that we can’t make it and are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience that this causes you. We’d love to come back next year if you’d have us, as we’ve been looking forward to Tonder 2018 for a long time. We really hope your festival goes amazingly! ”

Anstatt der Band wird es sein:
Luke Winslow-King, Donnerstag 23. august um 16.30 Uhr, Pumpehuset.
Signe Svendsen, Freitag 24. august um 22.15 Uhr, Visemøllen.

Musikprogramm 2018