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Sunday 26 of August: Telt 1: 19:00
Music Programme 2018

30 years ago, Anne Linnet made an album called Jeg er jo lige her (I’m Right Here.) In 2018 the popular recording has Anne Linnet and her band on tour again, including an appearance at Tønder Festival. The album, containing major hits such as Tusind stykker (A Thousand Pieces), Forårsdag (Spring Day) and Tabt mit hjerte (Lost My Heart), is a keystone in Anne Linnet’s œuvre and has sold around 400,000 copies. Anne Linnet was born in 1953 and has been at the top of the Danish popular music scene for decades. She was part of the group Tears and the female band Shit & Chanel in the 70s, and formed Anne Linnet Band and Marquis de Sade in the 80s. First and foremost, Anne Linnet is one of the country’s leading songwriters and composers.

A score of solo albums, among them Barndommens Gade (My childhood Street) (1986) with lyrics by poet Tove Ditlevsen, Jeg er jo lige her (1988) and Min Sang (My Song) (1989) with lyrics by author Johannes Møllehave are among the landmarks. Moreover, Anne Linnet has worked with musicals, theatre, film and has published several books.