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Thursday 23 of August: Pumpehuset: 18:15
Music Programme 2018

For 50 years, Allan Taylor has been travelling the world with his songs and his guitar. After playing the local folk clubs in his native Brighton he set out for New York, guesting legendary venues such as The Bitter End and the Gaslight Café. Allan Taylor has toured Europe, singing in libraries, clubs, culture centres and festivals. His songs deal with the lost and lonely, with unsung everyday heroes, and those who live on the sidelines of society. Songs of the longings that are part of life on the road. Among his best-known compositions are It’s Good To See You, which has been recorded by over 100 other musicians, and the fine if melancholy Roll On the Day, about miners’ lives.

Allan Taylor has inspired younger musicians, among them Jacob Dinesen, whose good friend and mentor he has been for years. Come and enjoy Allan Taylor’s guitar skills, his songs and his particular way of charming an audience.