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Saturday 25 of August: Pumpehuset: 21:45
Music Programme 2018

Mellifluous harmonies and well-turned indie folk are what we expect from American band Darlingside, who appeared at Tønder Festival in 2017 and are back in 2018. The quartet, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, are extremely well-versed in vocal arrangement and American traditional music and do not flinch at spicing their music with outside influences. There be humour in the words and a sound of close collectivity: Darlingside are a tight combo. Darlingside comprises Don Mitchell, guitar, banjo and vocal; Auyon Mukharji, mandolin, violin and vocal; Harris Paseltiner, guitar, cello and vocal; and David Senft, bass, bass drum and vocal.

At Folk Alliance International in Kansas City in 2016, Darlingside won the Artist of the Year title, and their 2015 album Birds Say won warm praise from among others Huffington Post, who called it “one of the great albums released this year.” Their only Danish festival in the summer of 2018.

(Photo Credit: Robb Stey)