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Lørdag 24. august: Telt 1: 18:15
Music Programme 2019

A man who has seen decades of Irish music history, Finbar Furey (born in 1946) is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer and has had his place on the Irish folk music scene since the 60s. Along with his brother Eddie, he toured from 1969 as backing musicians for the legendary Clancy Brothers. Then the two brothers toured as a duo, and in 1976 they were joined by two more brothers, Paul and George. The band enjoyed success for over 20 years as The Fureys. They had several big hits, like When You Were Sweet Sixteen and The Lonesome Boatman.

In 1996 Finbar Furey went solo and alongside his career as a musician and songwriter he has worked in films, for instance in Martin Scorsese’s Gangs Of New York (2002). Finbar Furey’s latest release Don’t Stop This Now is a rerelease of the album Paddy Dear from 2017 plus new songs and a live DVD. His only Danish concert in 2019.

(Foto: Ruth Medbjer)