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Torsdag 22. august: Open Air: 20:45
Music Programme 2019

! Folkeklubben – Schools Concert – Friday – at 11.15 a.m.

Armed with songwriter, singer and guitarist Kjartan Arngrim’s Danish lyrics and their minimalist sound, created with drummer Rasmus Jusjong and guitarist Rasmus Dall, Folkeklubben have struck a chord deep in the hearts of Denmark’s population. In 2018, they released their fourth album, Sort Tulipan (Black Tulip), and the release concert took place in Tønder. Why here? Because Folkeklubben have a special, close relationship to Tønder. Many festivalgoers will recall Folkeklubben’s first appearance in Tent 2 in 2013: “When we first came to Tønder Festival, we were still wet behind the ears. We will never forget those two concerts: a breakthrough moment,” said the band. Folkeklubben have succeeded in uniting what they claim are the three pillars of their band identity: culture, insanity and the folk tone.

(Photo: Kristian Holm)