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Thursday 23 of August: Telt 1: 23:30
Music Programme 2018

The future looked rosy in 2012 when Kellermensch signed an international record contract. The band, from Esbjerg, had released their eponymous debut album in 2009, and performed in the years following at Roskilde Festival and several other major European rock festivals. This led to intensive touring in Denmark and abroad, until Kellermensch won the prestigious opening slot on Roskilde Festival’s Orange Stage. While the world hungered for Kellermensch’s dark, dystopian rock music, everything went quiet. Work on the new album ground to a halt, the record company Universal Music and the band split up, and for a couple of years, Kellermensch were back in the basement. But the creative power was strong, and in early 2017 the follow-up album to their successful debut was ready. The album Goliath was praised to the skies in Denmark and in Germany. There ensued a concert at the Spot Festival and a triumphant come-back at Roskilde Festival, where Kellermensch delighted a 16000 strong audience.

At the helm stands Sebastian Wolff, whose versatile vocal leads the audience to the edge of the abyss, where gloomy, hand-made, organic rock music meets melodic strings.