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Friday 24 of August: Klubscenen: 22:45
Music Programme 2018

That original and subtle voice in Danish music, singer and songwriter Laura Mo, is back at Tønder Festival, bringing a brand new album, Steppebrand (Wildfire) from April 2018, and her band. Laura Mo is a bundle of energy on stage, reaching out to every single soul in her audience. Her Danish lyrics, some bitingly satirical, to tunes inspired by American roots music. Laura Mo comes from Northern Jutland and has been part of the Danish scene since the mid-noughties. Her debut album Alkymi came out in 2007 and the album Motel in 2012. Both recordings won praise from reviewers, and two nominations at the Danish Music Awards plus two nominations for a Gaffa Prize. One critic wrote of Motel: “An album full of beautiful poetry and a voice that dares take the back roads to the really outlying motels.” Laura Mo is a dedicated tourer, both solo, armed with 5-string banjo, guitar and bass drum, and with her band. Laura Mo wrote on her Facebook page about her inspiration for the song Steppebrand: her late father. “In everybody’s life there are people who individually make a huge difference, who give us a kick, who lift us, inspire us, ignite our spark and our joy in life.”