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Thursday 23 of August: Open Air: 19:00
Music Programme 2018

An international superstar returns to Tønder Festival. The Lukas Graham Band with singer Lukas Forchhammer are back. They have performed before at Tønder Festival, and Lukas Forchhammer has been a frequent guest, at first along with his late father. The Lukas Graham story – the tough little kid from the Copenhagen hippy commune at Christiania who ends up conquering the world – is also the story of a band that began with a couple of YouTube videos and the word of mouth reputation of their fantastic shows in Christiania’s little music venues. It’s the story of the young guy whose voice and energy made him a teenage idol, and reminded older folk of the kick they got from soul music in the 60s. The greatest successes so far have been the international hits Mama Said and 7 Years from the band’s second album, Lukas Graham (2015). 7 Years made number one in the charts in many countries, and the band toured extensively in Canada and USA.