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Sunday 26 of August: Telt 2: 10:30
Music Programme 2018

In February 2018, Mari Boine took the honorary prize at Norway’s Folk Musicians’ Awards, which correspond to Danish Music Awards. The 61 year-old Sami singer and songwriter has been a huge name for decades, a tumbling, powerful mountain stream in the Scandinavian landscape and an eloquent defender of Sami culture. This is not the first time Mari Boine has won a Folk Music Award. Her second album, Gula Gula from 1989, which gave her her breakthrough in popularity, won a Folk Musicians’ Prize, and more have followed. Plus many other awards, including the Nordic Council’s Musicians’ Award in 2003. Mari Boine grew up in Finmark, in the very north of Norway, and both her parents are Sami. The drive behind Mari Boine’s singing and songwriting has always been her deep engagement and political protest against the suppression of the sami culture.

Musically, Mari Boine has given traditional Sami music and yoik song new expression through influences from world, jazz and folk music. Her most recent album, her first in English, is See The Woman.

(Foto: Gregor Hohenberg)