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Saturday 25 of August: Telt 1: 18:00
Music Programme 2018

Melissa Horn’s debut ten years ago, the album Långa Nätter, brought the then 23 year-old singer and songwriter a large audience, and Melissa Horn became one of Sweden’s most played musicians on Spotify. Melissa Horn began playing guitar at 15. Her musical interest was no surprise, given that Melissa’s mother is the jazz and folk singer Maritza Horn. It is the folk tradition in particular that shines through in Melissa Horn’s songs, which are reminiscent of Lisa Ekdahl’s, but with added melancholy and nostalgia in the lyrics. Melissa Horn’s delicate lyrics express the powerful emotions of the everyday, with love and letting go as central themes. The music is laid back and unplugged.

In 2010, Melissa Horn met her Danish audience at concerts in Lille Vega and at Spot Festival. Her fourth album Om du vill vara med mig (Will You Be With Me?) was recorded in Puk Studios in Denmark with Ola Gustafson as producer. The record went to the top of the charts, just like its predecessors.At Tønder Festival we will hear Melissa Horn with her talented backing band, in her only Danish festival concert in 2018.