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Rasmus Lyberth (GRL)

Sunday 26 of August: Bolero: 13:00
Music Programme 2018

Rasmus Lyberth is one of Greenland’s great voices and a distinguished representative of Greenland culture. His intense singing and charismatic stage performance touch everone’s heart, while his songs in his mother tongue raise the art of storytelling to new heights, whether you understand Greenlandic or not. For Rasmus Lyberth has the gift of bringing drama, human life and powerful emotions into play, so no-one is in any doubt what’s at stake. Rasmus Lyberth (born in 1951) began his musical career in 1969 and was soon well-known both in Greenland and Denmark. His first album, Erningaa, from 1973, was a palpable hit, and since then – apart from a musical intermission in the early 80s –Rasmus Lyberth has been one of Greenland’s most important artists. Alongside his music, Rasmus Lyberth trained as an actor at Tuukkaq Theatre.

He has won many awards, including Danish Artist of the Year and Danish Singer of the Year at DMA Folk 2007. His most recent album is Alaatsinaassuseq Aquttoralugo – Curiosity at the Wheel from 2014.

(Foto: Jens Reenberg)