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Friday 24 of August: Bolero: 13:00
Music Programme 2018

Joik singing is an ancient but vibrantly living music tradition of the Sami indigenous people of Northern Europe. One of today’s most prominent renewers of Joik is the Sami musician Torgeir Vassvik. With his band Vassvik, the vocalist, musician and composer gives a unique, new vision of this trance-like vocal art. He originally stems from the coastal village of Gamvik at the Northern end of Norway, where the winters are long and dark and the summers bright with midnight sun. Torgeir’s voice, like a mirror of the landscape, is a rare, raw jewel. Joik has inspired him since childhood, as well as other vocal and musical forms from around the world. Thus, Torgeir Vassvik updates the animistic vocal tradition and percussion rituals of the Sami for the 21st century. Together with the Kjorstad Brothers, young Norwegian violinists, he opens his heart for different genres – Jazz, Folk, Classical and New Music included.

A fresh Arctic sound experience. Or, as a German reviewer wrote: “Vassvik is a sound magician who moves beyond what our ears have hitherto heard.”

(Foto: Alf Helge Jensen)