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25.08. 08:00 am – 29.08.2022 kl. 01.00 pm


To ensure space for everyone, we need to know the size of your tent or caravan.

Please register the length of your tent, caravan, campervan etc.

If you are bringing a party tent or pavilion – and you are welcome to – please remember to buy a ticket for it.

CAR FREE CAMPING// Music Zone // Quiet Zone
If you would rather camp in an area where the tents are closer to each without cars between them, you can opt for the car free zones. There are two: Baghaven (The Back Garden) and Marsken (The Fens). 

Baghaven is busy, full of music and centrally placed behind the campsite grocer’s shop and the Music Zone. It can get lively here, at night as well as by day. Choose this zone and we will reserve a pitch for you here.

Marsken is the quiet zone, on the edge of the campsite. Peace and quiet reign here. Book your ticket for this zone and we will make sure you get a pitch here.

Price: 300 kr.

UNIT 0-6 m

If your accommodation unit is less than 6 metres in length, this is the category to choose.

Note that the caravan towbar counts in the length.

Price: 650 kr.


This is the category to choose if your unit is longer than 6 metres.

Measurement must include the caravan towbar.

Price: 950 kr.

How many occupants does your unit house?

Each individual must have a camping wristband. If two of you are sleeping in the same accommodation, you need two wristbands of the type Person Camping.

DKK. : 950

Papegøjevej 6270 Tønder
25 *26 *27 *28 AUGUST 2022

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