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Tønder Festival Full Programme

The final names are in place for this year’s Tønder Festival. The audience have many treats in store: Parker Millsap, Lukas Graham, Sam Outlaw, Mikael Wiehe, JD McPherson, Søren Huss, Northern Assembly, Niels Hausgaard… and many more.

The Tønder Festival 2018 programme is complete – and it’s a cornucopia. Tønder Festival is proud to reveal an impressive array of musicians from Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Germany, England, Ireland, Scotland, Greenland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. No fewer than 22 international and Danish names have been added to complete the music programme.

Powerful US voices
We hail the return of the Californian country comet Sam Outlaw, who appeared at Tønder Festival. The same is true of Parker Millsap, who won over the Tønder Festival audience in 2017 with his solid, blues-inspired roots rock. Two new American musicians are coming to Tønder Festival for the first time: JD McPherson, who has worked with Parker Millsap and with Black Keys’ Dan Aurbach; and the new outlaw-country name Paul Cauthen.

From East and West in Canada
From Canada’s east coast come The East Pointers, with a fresh take on traditional folk music; and the country and bluegrass band Pretty Archie. Then there’s the duo Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton, who played together in the alternative country band The Be Good Tanyas almost twenty years ago. Samantha Parton is from Vancouver, Jolie Holland originally from Texas.

The Best of Irish and Scottish
The group Lankum, who last appeared at Tønder Festival under the name Lynched, are specialists in traditional song and have just won two prizes at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. They are setting out for Tønder from Ireland along with the veteran band Lúnasa, a heavyweight in Irish traditional music. From Scotland we have The Elephant Sessions, who played at Tønder Festival in 2016, and who have seen themselves compared favourably with Shooglenifty and Peatbog Fearies.

From 70s and 90s Sweden
Two Swedish celebrities have accepted our invitation to appear at Tønder Festival. One is Sophie Zelmani, who won fame in the 90s with her folk-inspired pop music, and who has just released her 11th album, My Song. The other is that colossus of the political music scene of the 70s, Mikael Wiehe, whose commitment and workload have not diminished with time.

Danish Delicatessen
Here are some Danish highlights: Søren Huss, whose latest album, Midtlivsviser (Mid Life Verses), has garnered such fine reviews; national treasure and Tønder Festival veteran Niels Hausgaard; world famous star and old friend of Tønder Festival Lukas Graham; rising talents Northern Assembly; Laura Mo, with her saucy satire and a new album; and Bastard Kvintet, a dance band in the old traditional Danish folk style. On top of all that, we have the students from the folk music department of the Conservatory in Esbjerg, and the perennial Folk Spot Denmark, presenting a range of potent Danish and Nordic folk roots musicians: Huldrelokkk, Louise Støjberg/Martin Rauff, Pøbel, Mary Jean, Vingefang, Hudna and Elmøe & Hoffmann.

Songwriter’s Circle Squared
Tønder Festival is repeating last year’s successes. The Women’s Circle og Gentlemen’s Circle – afternoon concerts by Danish and international songwriters sharing the stage: an artistic and gender-specific concept, matching writers who normally do not meet, potentially sparking spontaneity. This year, Women’s Circle includes Tami Neilson from Canada, Irish Mythen, from Ireland, living in Canada, from USA The Secret Sisters, who are sisters Laura and Lydia Rogers, and Danish Annika Aakjær and Laura Mo. Joining the Gentlemen’s Circle are Jeffrey Foucault and Luke Winslow-King, both of USA, William Crighton from Australia and Joey Landreth from Canada, with Dane Søren Huss.

More about the musicians here

Musicians 2018:
The Mavericks (USA), The Lone Bellow (USA), Colter Wall (CAN), B. B. King Tribute feat. Mike Andersen, Shaka & James Loveless, Otis Grand, Thorbjørn Risager, Henrik Freischlader samt band (DK, USA, D), Mike Andersen (DK), Oysterband (UK), David Ramirez (USA), Melissa Horn (SE), The Secret Sisters (USA), William Crighton (AUS), Jeffrey Foucault (USA), Dusty Heart (USA), Skerryvore (SCO), MICHAEL FALCH og DÈT BAND (DK), Cóig (CAN), 3Hattrio (USA), The Bros. Landreth (CAN), Joey Landreth (CAN), Sharon Shannon (IRL), Vishtén (CAN), Annika Aakjær (DK), Ímar (SCO/IRL), Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker & John Doyle (SCO/IRL/UK), The Chair (SCO), Luke Winslow-King (USA), Darlingside (USA), Anne Linnet (DK), Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys (UK), Caamp (USA), The Brother Brothers (USA), Tyler Childers (USA), Irish Mythen (IRL), Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm Boys (CAN), Tide Lines (SCO), DR Big Band & Basco (DK), The Dead South (CAN), Tami Neilson (CAN/NZ), Allan Taylor (UK), All Our Exes Live In Texas (AUS), FolkBALTICA Ensemble (D, DK), Romengo (HU), Skipinnish (SCO), William Prince (CAN), Richard Inman (CAN), Gawurra (AUS), Dan Sultan (AUS), Mari Boine (NO), Vassvik (NO), Nive Nielsen (GRL), Rasmus Lyberth (GRL), Kellermensch (DK), Bastard (DK), Folk Spot 2018: Huldrelokkk (NO, SE, DK), Louise Støjberg/Martin Rauff (DK), Pøbel (DK), Mary Jean (DK), Vingefang (DK), Hudna (DK) og Elmøe & Hoffmann (DK), Folkekons (DK), JD McPherson (USA), Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton (USA, CAN), Lankum (IRL), Laura Mo (DK), Lukas Graham (DK), Lúnasa (IRL), Mikael Wiehe (SE), Niels Hausgaard (DK), Northern Assembly (DK), Parker Millsap (USA), Paul Cauthen (USA), Pretty Archie (CAN), Sam Outlaw (USA), Sophie Zelmani (SE), Søren Huss (DK), Gentlemen’s Circle (USA, CAN, AUS, DK), Women’s Circle (UK, CAN, NZ, DK), The East Pointers (CAN), The Elephant Sessions (SCO).

Tønder Festival 23th, 24th, 25th, 26th August 2018
Twitter: @tonderfestival
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