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Information for Tønder Festival campers

To Tønder Festival campers!
We are looking forward to welcoming you soon to Tønder Festival 2019.
Here are some useful tips about your arrival and check in at the Tønder Festival campsite.

Check in 
Everybody arriving, be it by car, motorcycle, pushbike or on foot, shows their tickets and has their wristband and labels attached at the same access point as last year: the road by the Boiler Works (type Papegøjevej 7, 6270 Tønder in to your Satnav and follow the signs, banners and volunteers’ guidance.) Have all tickets ready at reception and please remain seated in your vehicle for check in – it saves time!

Arrival AFTER 8 a.m. Sunday 18th August  
The campsite opens at 8 a.m. on Sunday 18th August. From then on you can pull in and claim your spot. No space marking or reservation is allowed before then. Any markers put down before then will be removed.

Arrival after 9 p.m.
Check in closes at 9 p.m. every day after 18th August, so please arrive well before then.  Should you arrive after 9 p.m., you will find a notice at the check in gate, suggesting a course of action until check in and access the following morning.

Arrival BEFORE 8 a.m. Sunday 18th August 
Early arrivals before Sunday 18th August will be directed to the marked queue spaces by the entrance. Just follow the signs. Check in during Saturday 17th August, access when the campsite opens at 8 a.m. Sunday.

You are allowed to reserve a pitch for yourself or others arriving later by setting a unit on the slot. Reserving pitches means submitting all the relevant tickets and information on the unit size. Apply to a campsite volunteer to assist with marking the slot with the special Tønder Festival tape. Please bring your own stakes,
poles etc for marking. Reservation of pitches for yourself or others is in strict rotation according to order of at the campsite.

Have You Paid for Electricity?
The power zone is for those who have paid for electricity. When reserving a pitch or pitches for others here, please show all power tickets plus details of unit dimensions. A power volunteer will assist you with the demarcation of the pitch. The nearest power point may be some distance away, so please bring an extension cable. You can borrow cables against a deposit at Ticket Desk South. Max. power load: 6A/1500W. Only CEE approved cables may be used.

Booked a Tenthouse, Lodge or Teepee?
If you prefer to spend your festival under one of these rooves, check in at the same spot as the other campers. Once your tickets are shown and your wristband attached, move to Camping Info (see site map), where you will be directed to your accommodation and informed of any particularities.

Tenthouses and Lodges can be locked. Please bring your own padlock, or buy one at Ticket Desk South.
There is parking close to your accomodation.

Other information 
Accommodation units and vehicles must be placed as shown. Each pitch is for one unit and one vehicle.

If you are sleeping in your car, then it is regarded as an accommodation unit, liable to the rules for camping labels and safety space between units.

Tønder Festival’s volunteers have permission to drive on site before Sunday, as they have to build up and prepare the site.

At peak access times, there will be queues and delays in allocating pitches. Please be patient.

For further information about camping and the campsite, we refer you to / Practical / FAQ – question and answer or the Tønder Festival app. On arrival at the campsite, you will be furnished with a folder with the rules and more information.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Tønder Festival 2019 – have a great Festival!

Map of the campsite at Tønder Festival 2019