Adyn Townes (CAN)

Adyn Townes is from eastern Canada and is well on his way to recognition as an original songwriter and musician in the alternative indie and folkpop genres. His light tenor voice and knack of nailing thoughtful lyrics in catchy tunes has broadened his appeal. Adyn Townes’ latest release, the album In Frames from 2021, includes the songs Cannonball and Kids. In 2019, he won the Canadian MNB Award (Music-Musique NB) in the Song of The Year category with the song House on the Ocean. In 2020, Adyn Townes was nominated for the Songwriter of the Year at the ECMA (East Coast Music Association) awards. Adyn Townes is a product of the rich songwriting and story-telling tradition on Canada’s east coast. Adyn Townes, on his first visit to Denmark, appears solo at Tønder Festival, and this is his only Danish festival concert in 2023.