FOTO: Sasha Pedro

Alisa Amador (USA)

Songwriter, singer and guitarist Alisa Amador grew up amid lots of music in Boston, USA, Puerto Rico and Argentina. Her parents, Rosi and Brian Amador of the famous Latin American band Sol Y Canto, had their daughter on stage as a backing singer at the age of five. Alisa Amador began playing guitar early on, and both her singing and her guitar playing have drawn plaudits from reviewers. She sings in Spanish and in English. Her current EP Narratives (2021) won the NPR Tiny Desk Contest in 2022. One critic wrote of Alisa Amador: “Shawn Colvin meets Joni Mitchell, has lunch with Amy Winehouse and meets Suzanne Vega and Diana Krall.” Alisa Amador is giving her own concert as well as sharing a concert with Emily Scott Robinson and Violet Bell doing Emily Scott Robinson’s songs from the EP Built On Bones, songs about the witches in William Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth. Her only Danish festival in 2023.