Bjonko (DK)

Bjonko Stosic was born and grew up in Copenhagen, but his family are musicians from Bitola in Macedonia. Bjonko Stosic plays clarinet and saxophone and, with his band, has created a dynamic mix of traditional folk music, Balkan beats and contemporary mainstream. A concert with Bjonko and the band is a rhythmic bone-rattler, a show that enlivens the stage and fills the dance floor. In recent years, Bjonko has established a reputation as a singular live band on the Danish and Scandinavian scenes. Nominated for several Danish Music Awards, Bjonko won the Danish World Live Name award at the Danish Music World Awards in 2015. Bjonko Stosic has played in lots of contexts, for instance with Fallulah, Klamfyr, Jokeren and Jooks. In a special project, Balkan Beats & Poetry (2007), Bjonko put music to poems by the Macedonian poet Emilijan Divjakoski. Bjonko has made five albums and several EPs. Most recent album is Balkan Express from 2023.