Calby (DK)

Thursday 25. august - 21:45 - Telt 1
Friday 26. august - 12:00 - Open Air

Calby is a new Danish phenomenon in the field of soul, pop, indie rock and americana. The man behind the name is songwriter and producer Mik Thybo, who has over 15 years’ experience in the business, making music under his own name and producing for others. Calby marks a new step for Mik Thybo. His live debut was in 2019, at the release of his singles Burnout and The Everyday Bit. The latter was picked as track of the week on Radio Denmark’s 3rd (pop) Programme in August 2019, and both numbers have been played again and again on P3 and P4. The music was produced along with Magnus Larsson, who was in Lukas Graham’s band. You can hear both an update of 60s soul and timelessness in Calby’s music, which was originally recorded on an analogue 8-track tape recorder. Calby himself says the method adds “a presence that I couldn’t achieve any other way.” His debut album Burnout appeared in May 2021.  Soundvenue magazine gave it five stars, with the dedication, “a personal, touching and and authentic work.” Calby appeared in Tønder in August 2021, at one of a concert series in Tønder Culture Centre / Schweizerhalle replacing that year’s Tønder Festival. This year, he is back, with his band, at the real Tønder Festival.