Cara Dillon (IRL)

Saturday 27. august - 17:00 - Telt 1

One of Ireland’s great singers, Cara Dillon, who has sung at Tønder festival before, is a feted and cherished voice in Irish folk music. At the early age of 14 she won the prestigious All-Ireland Singing Trophy, recognising her shining talent. In the years that followed, Cara Dillon performed in many contexts, among them with the world famous band De Dannan.

Aged 19, in1995, Cara Dillon joined the group Equation, with the Lakeman brothers Sean, Seth and Sam, and Kathryn Roberts. Though she did not stay long with Equation, Cara Dillon ended up marrying Sam Lakeman, who is also her musical partner. Cara Dillon’s solo debut album Cara Dillon from 2001 was a great success, leading to tours of Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and China.

Subsequent releases established Cara Dillon’s musical achievements, including many awards and nominations up through the noughties, culminating in the album Hill of Thieves (2009), which was crowned Album of the Year at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. A BBC reviewer wrote, “Dillon’s crystalline, angelic voice is an instrument of rare beauty, capable of melting the hardest heart.” Cara Dillon with band and her only Danish festival concert in 2022.