Danni Nicholls (ENG)

The English singer and songwriter Danni Nicholls, who performed at Tønder Festival in 2017, has American country, folk and roots music in her bones. Born in Bedford, she fell in love with the American folk, country and rock’n’roll music in her granny’s record collection. Aged16, she inherited a guitar from her uncle, and that set her off playing and composing. She made her first EP in 2009, and today, 35 year-old Danni Nicholls sits at the top of the British music scene. Her debut album A Little Redemption, which appeared in 2013, was recorded in Nashville with the country capital’s best musicians and the renowned Chris Donohue producing. Since then, Nashville has virtually become Danni Nicholls’ second home, and she has recorded two further albums here. The latest is The Melted Morning from 2019. Recognition has not been wanting, and Danni Nicholls has been nominated three times for a UK Americana Award: Album of the Year 2017, Artist of the Year 2018 and Song of the Year 2020. Solo – and her only Danish festival concert in 2021.