FOTO: Babara FG

David Ramirez (USA)

Singer, songwriter and guitarist David Ramirez delighted the Tønder Festival audiences in 2018, and a return visit has long been on our wish list. He has often toured in Denmark, and now he’s playing Tønder Festival 2023. David Ramirez hails from Houston, Texas, and today lives in Austin. As a boy he often went to church with his family, and psalms and gospel songs were part of his upbringing. He began playing guitar aged 17 and soon started writing songs. Today, David Ramirez is a stalwart on both the American and the international music scenes. He has six studio albums to his name, the latest being Backslider from 2021. Music critics are very positive about Ramirez’ songs, not least his fourth album We’re Not Going Anywhere from 2017, wherein his biting satire attacks social and political tropes in a USA ‘led’ by Donald Trump. The sequel, My Love Is A Hurricane from 2020 is a more personal affair, dealing with life, loss, and love’s mysterious ways. David Ramirez appears with his band, and this is their only Danish festival concert in 2023.