FOTO: Johan Rönnow

David Ritschard (SE)

Through the years, many Swedish musicians have developed their own Swedish take on roots rock and country music. It is no exaggeration to say that today, David Ritschard (born 1989) occupies first place in that category. Some call him the King of Sweden, in homage to his artistic level. David Ritschard enlists the Swedish language and song tradition, and American country rock, soul, and bluegrass music, and with talent and perception welds songs that resound and give meaning. Since 2018, David Ritschard has released two albums, an EP and 15 singles. Both audiences and critics are enthusiastic. In 2022, he released the EP Rockbotten (a play on Rock Bottom and Robot) and the album Blåbärskungen (Blueberry King) in 2021, a blend of banal realism with more than a touch of irony, and pedal steel music with horns, strings and choral backing. David Ritschard has set a new high bar for coupling standard American roots music and Swedish language and song. He has won several awards, among them the Swedish Robespierre Prize and Singer/Songwriter of the Year at the Manifest Gala, the Swedish music industry awards ceremony. His only Danish festival in 2024.