David Ritschard (SE)

For ages, many Swedes have identified strongly with American country and roots music. Many Swedish musicians through the years have forged a Swedish version of roots rock and country, and at their head is David Ritschard. Born in 1989, he wields the Swedish language deftly in his forceful songwriting, and the music tastes of country rock, soul, bluegrass and the Swedish folk song tradition. Reviewers’ reception of David Ritschard’s music has been extraordinarily positive, and he has not rested on his laurels. Since 2018 he has made two albums, an EP and 15 singles. His newest release is the EP Rockbottten (2022), and the latest album is Blåbärskungen (Blueberry King) (2021). His mix is everyday realism with a twist, music that uses pedal steel, horns, fiddles and a choir and a singer who can appear in cowboy hat and trailer park couture. David Ritschard has won several awards, among them the Swedish Robespierre Prize and  Singer/Songwriter of the Year at the Manifest Gala, the Swedish music producers’ award ceremony. His only Danish festival in 2023.