Det Yderste Hav (DK)

There are few places in Denmark where folk music flourishes in its traditional form like the island of Fanø, with its fine Sønderho and Fannik tunes, still played as 250 years ago, and the dances they accompany. This year at Tønder Festival you can hear the melodies and join in the dances, when Det Yderste Hav (the name means something like The End of the Sea) plays for the dancing. The trio consists of national fiddler Peter Urhbrand, who has been actively keeping the traditions going while nurturing innovation; classical guitarist Jørgen Bjørslev and author Jeppe Brixvold, whose expressive voice carries the old songs. Playing for the dancing will also be fiddler Kristian Bugge, accordion and mouth-organ player Sonnich Lydom, pianist Kirstine Uhrbrand and Claus Carlsen, who plays bass clarinet and saxophone. All are dedicated to  Fanø music. For those who need some help with the steps, two young callers and instructors, both steeped in the Fanø dance traditions, are on hand: Helena Thøgersen and Meise Maria Carstensen.