Dorthe Gerlach (DK)

In recent years, songwriter and singer Dorthe Gerlach has worked both solo and in the duo Hush. Tønder Festival’s audience have heard and seen Dorthe Gerlach several times before, and now she is back with her band and a brand-new (April 2021) EP Krigerhjerte (Warrior Heart.) In 2015, Dorthe Gerlach made the solo album Natlys (Night Light) with 11 songs in Danish. Hush puts out country pop in English, while Dorthe Gerlach’s own Danish songs are more personal statements. One of the songs on the new EP is Montebello and is dedicated to her son, who came to the world in 2020. The Hush duo has been around since 1997, the other member being Dorthe Gerlach’s husband and fellow musician, Michael Hartmann. Hush’s success with their debut album A Lifetime in 2004, selling over 100,000 copies and nominated for five Danish Music Awards. Hush’s latest release is the album Sand from 2018. Besides recording and touring as a soloist, Dorthe Gerlach is also known throughout Denmark through her appearances in the TV2 programme Toppen af Poppen(Top of the Pops).

Saturday 21st August at 7:30 pm
Schweizerhalle – Tønder Kulturhus

Dorthe Gerlach

Doors open one hour before concert starts.
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