FOTO: Camille Gladu Drouin


The É.T.É trio are from Quebec in Canada and play new versions of traditional Québécois folk music. The band name is just the first letters of the musicians’ names: Élisabeth Moquin, violin, vocal and step dance; Thierry Clouette, vocal, multi-instrumentalist with bouzouki as his lead instrument, and Élisabeth Giroux, cello and vocal. All three are classically trained at conservatory and university, with a grounding in jazz and folk music. They formed É.T.É in 2015 and soon earned their place on the Canadian music scene. Their first release, Le boire des minuits, appeared in 2017, and soon won the Canadian OPUS-prize in the Discovery of the Year category. With their delicate vocal harmonies, their musical facility and their mastery of traditional step dance, É.T.É are a band with new ideas to enhance the strong Québécois music culture. Their latest album is Sur Ces Eaux from 2022. Their only Danish festival in 2023.