FOTO: Dennis Morton

Efterklang & South Denmark Girls Choir (DK)

Sunday 28. august - 20:45 - Telt 1

The Danish band Efterklang have never shied away from new routes. In the autumn of 2021 they surprised listeners by performing with the South Denmark Girls Choir, and this  collaboration, involving new compositions by Efterklang and members of the South Denmark Girls Choir, will continue at selected concerts in 2022. Efterklang formed in 2000 and has progressed blithely from electronic post rock via several pop experiments and musical trials to their current position as a creative and artistically original band. This musical exploration and its high standard have brought Efterklang to the top of not only Danish music, but also a respected and very popular international status. In 2019 the band released the Danish language album Altid Sammen (Always Together), and just before the pandemic closed everything, they toured Europe, selling out concert halls in Hamburg, London and Copenhagen. In October 2021 the album Windflowers appeared, and in 2022 Efterklang tour USA, Canada and Europe. Efterklang numbers Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg, who spent their childhood together on Als, a Danish island near the German border. On the concert stage, the band is accompanied by additional musicians. The South Denmark Girls Choir was founded in1994 and since 1997 has been led by conductor Mette Rasmussen.