Folk Spot: CPH Slim (DK)

Saturday 27. august - 16:30 - Klubscenen

Having toured most of Europe, Australia and even in Mexico, Danish musician Copenhagen Slim certainly has taken his music around the world. His powerful voice has an old school quality to it, but at the same time brings a unique vibe. He backs up his vocal performance with a guitar playing style that is aggressive and dynamic. Copenhagen Slim is one of the winners of the “Danish Blues Name of the year” award and is featured on the “Danish Music Awards” winning album ‘Trainman Blues’ from 2018.

An export drive for seven Scandinavian bands and soloists starts on 26 and 27 August during this year’s Tønder Festival. Since 2012, Folk Spot Danmark has presented Danish folk/roots bands aiming for a wider audience, both nationally but in particular internationally. The drive is organised jointly by SPOT Festival and Tønder Festival, the ambition being to give a lift to Danish folk/roots-music at home and abroad. The SPOT Festival has years of experience exporting Danish music, while Tønder Festival’s expertise lies in the folk and roots genre. Once again this year, eight Nordic folk/roots groups have been chosen by the international jury.