FOTO: Karin Rørbech

Folk Spot: Tone of Voice Orchestra (DK, SE)

Friday 26. august - 19:15 - Klubscenen

In Tone of Voice Orchestra, people from all corners of the Danish-Scandinavian scene meet – five women and five men, Danish Music Award-winners from all genres, experienced musicians and brand new talents all come together. With this band, Trinelise Væring and Fredrik Lundin blend their Scandinavian roots with inspirations from eastern european vocal groups, nordic folk music, americana, north african atmospheres, jazz, indie-folk and alt pop – hereby delivering a unique take on Scandinavian world music! Tone of Voice Orchestra: Vocals: Trinelise Væring, Maria Kynne, Tine Refsgaard and Lise Kroner. Hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, cittern: Christian Mohr Levisen. Fiddle: Emma Kragh-Elmøe/Arendse Nordtorp Pedersen. Saxophones and flutes: Fredrik Lundin. Double bass: Joel Illerhag. Drums & percussion: Jesper Uno Kofoed and Anders Provis.

An export drive for seven Scandinavian bands and soloists starts on 26 and 27 August during this year’s Tønder Festival. Since 2012, Folk Spot Danmark has presented Danish folk/roots bands aiming for a wider audience, both nationally but in particular internationally. The drive is organised jointly by SPOT Festival and Tønder Festival, the ambition being to give a lift to Danish folk/roots-music at home and abroad. The SPOT Festival has years of experience exporting Danish music, while Tønder Festival’s expertise lies in the folk and roots genre. Once again this year, eight Nordic folk/roots groups have been chosen by the international jury.