Gentlemen’s Circle (USA, NL, CAN, DK)

Saturday 27. august - 13:00 - Telt 1

Gentlemen’s Circle this year has five male songwriters from USA, Holland, UK and Danmark: Raúl Malo, American songwriter, guitarist and front man in The Mavericks, Hans Theessink from Holland, living in Austria and a Tønder Festival veteran, Del Barber, songwriter from Canada, and Guy Davis, American blues musician, appearing at this year’s Tønder Festival with the trio Gumbo, Grits & Gravy. At last but not least the American songwriter Christopher Paul Stelling, who visits Tønder Festival for the first time, will be part of Gentlemen´s Circle. Songwriters’ Circles have long been part of Tønder Festival’s content and they give space for moments when songwriters from near and far meet on stage, take turns leading and playing along on each others’ songs, and swap tall tales.