FOTO: Lasse Jørgensen

Hans Theessink & Knud Møller (NL, DK)

Friday 26. august - 19:15 - Bolero
Sunday 28. august - 19:00 - Telt 1

The Hans Theessink and Knud Møller duo is known and loved by many Danes, since they have toured the country many times. Now Tønder Festival’s audiences can enjoy the company of the two well-travelled gentlemen and their superb brand of blues and roots music. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Hans Theessink, who turned 70 in 2018, has appeared at Tønder Festival many times and is one of the musicians who was in at the festival’s start in the 70s. Hans has performed at Tønder Festival in many different contexts, most recently in 2017 alongside the late American singer Terry Evans. Netherlands-born Hans Theessink lived in Denmark in the 1970s and in Vienna since the 80s. He is constantly on the road, has released  30 albums and won several awards, among them the Austrian Amadeus Music Award twice. Knud Møller (born in1958) is well-known in Denmark as the distinguished guitarist in the Johnny Madsen Band and a musician with a sure grasp of blues, country and roots rock. Knud Møller has worked both as guitarist and producer with Ester Brohus and Peter Belli.

! The concert friday 19.15 PM at Bolero is Hans Theessink solo!