Heidi Talbot (IRL)

Friday 26. august - 21:00 - Telt 1

Heidi Talbot has been at Tønder Festival several times, most recently in 2019 with Arcade, alongside Scots singer Adam Holmes. Now, Heidi Talbot has a new solo album out, Sing It for a  Lifetime, which has been very well received. Amogst those playing on the album are American multi-instrumentalist Dirk Powell and top British guitarist Mark Knopfler, both of whom Heidi Talbot has previously worked with. Heidi Talbot, born in 1980 in Kildare in Ireland, moved to New York aged 18. There she later joined the Irish-American group Cherish The Ladies. At the same time, her solo career blossomed, and Heidi Talbot has through the years collaborated with Eddie Reader, Boo Hewerdine, John Doyle, and Jerry Douglas, not to forget the Scots violinist John McCusker, to whom she was married for eleven years. They are no longer a couple, and the album Sing It for a Lifetime has both the divorce and the corona pandemic as a backdrop.