Home: Songs for Young Homeless Folk (DK, N)

Home is the title of a 90-minute show at this year’s Tønder Festival. The idea was Poul Krebs’, and the concert is comprised of songs dedicated to young homeless people. On stage will be a number of Danish and foreign musicians, among them Kira Skov, Steen Jørgensen, Kajsa Vala, Henning Kvitnes and naturally Poul Krebs himself. “We want to spread information, communication and understanding of the plight of young homeless folk. Christina Strauss, leader of the SAND organisation, will tell her story, which is far more desperate and moving than any song I could ever write,” says Poul Krebs. He has of course written a song about just that, and the other musicians’ songs have the same focus. Tønder Festival is proud to stage this show. “Folk and roots music often comes from vagabonds, homeless and travelling musicians. The ‘hobo’ is part of Tønder Festival’s ethos, and we hope that this Home concert will help draw attention to young homeless people,” says Maria Theessink, artistic director at Tønder Festival.