FOTO: Dennis Morton

Hymns from Nineveh feat Who Killed Bambi (DK)

Friday 26. august - 22:45 - Klubscenen
Saturday 27. august - 17:30 - Pumpehuset

Since 2009, the original, emotional folk pop of Hymns from Nineveh has been part of the Danish musik scene. On their Facebook page, Hymns from Nineveh label their music ‘pop psalms’, and there is no escaping the Christian claims to spirituality in their music. The person behind Hymns from Nineveh is the singer, songwriter and guitarist Jonas H. Petersen, who, in the noughties, played in the indie band Attrap.

In 2009, Hymns from Nineveh drew listener and critical attention with the release of the EP Uncomplicated Christmassongs (sic). The debut album Hymns from Nineveh from 2011 was a breakthrough, reaching the top of the Danish album charts. The next issue, the album Visions from 2013, did even better. The song A Kid on the Beach became a hit, making a name for Hymns from Nineveh.

The music critics liked Hymns from Nineveh’s  2019 Danish language debut album Sindets Asyl (Mind Shelter.) In November 2021 appears another Danish language album Julekassen (Christmas Box.) The music magazine Gaffa gave the album five stars, writing, “Spiritual Xmas songs resuscitate a denigrated genre.” Hymns from Nineveh have often appeared with the string ensemble Who Killed Bambi, both live and in the studio.