Israel Nash (USA)

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Israel Nash (born 1981) has led an almost stereotypical American musician’s life. His music lies in americana, country and indierock. Israel Nash grew up in Missouri and moved to New York in 2006 and played the clubs, among them The Lower Eastside. He released his debut album New York Town in 2009, and several other albums thereafter. This led to extensive touring in USA and Europe. In 2011, Israel Nash moved to the small town of Dripping Springs, Texas, where he still lives. His latest album, Topaz from 2021, has been called ‘dreamy folk’ and ‘cosmic country.’ Uncut magazine writes that the album is “lush country-soul, on a bed of brass horns, reminiscent of Neil Young’s more ruminescent records, or Rodney Crowell’s more rocky edges.” Israel Nash appears with his band, their only Danish festival concert in 2023.