Jeremy Dutcher (CAN)

32 year-old Jeremy Dutcher is a performer, composer, activist, music historian and classically trained singer. He has roots in Canada’s original population, as a member of the Tobique First Nation in New Brunswick. Jeremy Dutcher has exhumed his forefathers’ music, for instance by painstakingly transcribing traditional songs and music from wax cylinders recorded in 1907. He combined earlier generations’ music from the Wolastoq valley in New Brunswick with his own ideas and compositions, and the result was his debut album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa (2018). The record has been dubbed ‘A dialogue with ancestors’ voices,’ and it was received with accolades and awards, among them the prestigious Canadian Polaris Music Prize in 2018. Not many survive who know the Wolastoqey language. This is one of the motives for Jeremy Dutcher’s work with the voices of his ancestors. “If you lose the language, it’s not just words you lose. You’re losing the whole way of seeing and living the world from the particular native perspective,” as he puts it on his website. His only Danish festival concert in 2023.