Joachim Cooder (USA)

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because, sure enough, Joachim Cooder (born in 1978) is the son of string magician and roots musician Ry Cooder. Joachim Cooder is a percussionist, drummer, keyboard player and composer. He has written music for films, for other musicians, and played on a number of his father’s releases, most notably Buena Vista Social Club from 1997. Joachim Cooder has made a series of solo albums, the latest being the critically acclaimed Over That Road I’m Bound (2020). Here, Joachim Cooder interprets old songs by singer and banjo player Uncle Dave Macon (1870-1952). Joachim Cooder knew of the songs from his father, and in Joachim’s versions, the banjo is replaced by electric mbira. This  instrument, which he has played for many years, is a development of the African acoustic mbira, metal prongs fastened and tuned atop a wooden base. The mbira is a forerunner of the kalimba. Joachim Cooder’s electric mbira gives a special harp-like sound, which, with violin, guitar and song, lays out an almost hypnotic soundscape. Joachim Cooder will appear with his trio, and this is their only Danish festival in 2023.