Jon Muq (EAU/USA)

The Jon Muq story is unusual, but it’s a good one. Jon Muq is a songwriter and guitarist, and his debut album Flying Away comes out in May 2024. The producer is Dan Aurbach of The Black Keys. Who is he then, this Jon Muq? Born and brought up in Kampala in Uganda, his childhood and youth were poor but with a love of music.  He learned to play various instruments, sang in a school choir and listened to all the music he could. Got himself a guitar and learned the basics. He posted a video on YouTube, and by chance his remarkable voice and obvious musicality touched a cruise company based in USA. They hired him in 2017 to perform on a luxury cruise in the Caribbean. That was the key to Jon Muq’s new life in Austin, Texas, where he had a go at a career as a musician and songwriter. He recorded a version of Lennon and McCartney’s Blackbird and posted it on line. A mail arrived. Dan Aurbach of The Black Keys wanted to work with him. And now Jon Muq’s album Flying Away is on its way and so are tours of USA and Europe. His only Danish festival in 2024.