Katie Pruitt (USA)

The American songwriter Katie Pruitt appeared at Tønder Festival 2022, delivering a emotional musical performance that harvested five star reviews. Now Katie Pruitt is back, this time with her new album Mantras (from April 2024) to present. In 2018 she released an EP which caused Rolling Stone magazine to add her name to the list of this year's '10 new country artists you ought to know.' Her debut album Expectations came out in February 2020, making waves and winning a Grammy nomination. Katie Pruitt has said of that album: "… it's all about not caring about other people's expectations, being free and being yourself." Katie Pruitt was born in 1994, and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, in a Catholic family. Her career as a singer and songwriter began at college. At 20, Katie Pruitt came out as a lesbian, and some of her songs deal with the frustrations and shame caused by growing up among conservative christians in the southern US states. Katie Pruitt's musical style mixes country, folk and indie rock, and many of the songs switch dynamics between the quiet, intimate and full-blown rock. Her only Danish festival in 2024.