Kristian Bach (DK)

In 2022, the 39 year-old Danish songwriter Kristian Bach won the Årets Helge award, a prize in memory of the late Helge Arildson, a personality on the Danish folk scene who died prematurely in 2014. Through the years, appreciation for Kristian Bach’s Danish songs has been growing. His most recent album is Shunuata (January 2023). In May 2019, he released the satirical single Brev fra fronten (Letter from the Front, which was played on Radio Denmark’s Programme 5 for 15 weeks. Back in 2017, a song on his debut album Første Trin (First Steps), form the album Mod til at gøre det bedre (Courage to Improve) became very popular. In 2016, Kristian Bach won the Free School Teachers’ Association competition for an official song with his composition Allerbedst sammen (Best Together). Kristian Bach’s songs and music have roots in folk and country and also draw on the Danish song tradition. His songs are sensitive, honest and personal, and touch on psychological, spiritual, ethical and socio-political topics. He trained as a music teacher at the Free Teacher College in Ollerup, specialising in choral work, improvisation and songwriting. Kristian Bach hails from South Funen and lives in Copenhagen.