FOTO: Lasse Sørensen

Lars Lilholt Band (DK)

Thursday 25. august - 12:30 - Open Air

Lars Lilholt (born in 1953) is a songwriter, singer, guitarist and violinist and is one of Denmark’s most popular and most productive musicians. Inspired by traditional folk music, rock, world and pop, Lars Lilholt has built up an original musical world that the Danes have taken to heart and soul. Here are a few nuggets from the long Lars Lilholt story: he has released 37 albums, with his band, solo, with the Dalton trio and in diverse folk music contexts; sold around 2·5 millon copies of his records; written about 300 songs; played 3000 concerts and won five Danish Music Awards. His best-known song Kald det kærlighed (Call it Love) figures in the Danish Ministry of Culture’s canon list. In 1973,  Lars Lilholt helped start the folk rock group Kræn Bysted’s. 1983 saw the arrival of Lars Lilholt Band, giving Lilholt the opportunity to evolve as a songwriter and band front man. Lars Lilholt Band has been among the most popular live bands in Denmark for almost 4 decades. Lars Lilholt is also famous for his work with Johnny Madsen and Allan Olsen in the  Dalton trio, and he tours moreover as a soloist and storyteller. More recently, he has given a series of church concerts with Shaka Loveless.