Lawrence Maxwell (CAN)

Country music is the business for songwriter, singer and guitarist Lawrence Maxwell from Prince Edward Island in Canada. He made his third album Ballad of Miles in 2022, and Roots Music Canada magazine blessed it with the words, “The first major Canadian alt-country-album of 2022.” This blend of country tradition and contemporary sparkle gives powerful songs. Lawrence Maxwell has been compared to master songwriter John Prine, and Roots Music Canada magazine went so far as to suggest that adding Merle Haggard’s poetic clarity and George Jones’ voice to Sturgill Simpson’s audacity would result in an album like Ballad of Miles. Lawrence Maxwell, who used to serve in the Royal Canadian Navy, made his debut album Not Your Outlaw in 2018. Next came Almost Natural, followed by several nominations and awards. Lawrence Maxwell has his band with him, and this is their only Danish festival concert in 2023.