FOTO: Knut Aaserud

Madrugada (NO)

Thursday 25. august - 20:45 - Open Air

Norwegian Madrugada exploded on to the scene in1999 with their debut album Industrial Silence, and their dark, alternative rock music with dashes of folk and country, was a hit not only in their homeland, but in the rest of Europe, too. In the years that followed, Madrugada grew in both popularity and in artistry. In 2005 came the studio album Deep End and the live album Live At Tralfamadore. The same year, Madrugada won three awards at the Norwegian event Spellemannprisen, among them the prize for the hit of the year Lift Me with singer Ane Brun in duet with Madrugada’s singer Sivert Høyem. In 2007, the band’s guitarist, Robert Burås, died, just 31 years old. The following year, the band decided to split up. This proved to be temporary, however. They regrouped in 2018, touring all over Europe with great success in 2019. The satisfaction the band felt on their return is undeniable. “I have never felt so at ease on stage. Nor have I ever had such a kick in front of audiences,” were Sivert Høyem’s words on this tour. Madrugada are off on an even longer tour in 2022, and Tønder Festival is on the list. The band have released a series of new songs as singles in 2021. Their only Danish festival in 2022.