Mallemuk (DK)

Mallemuk (the name means Fulmar) is Joakim Okkels, piano, accordion and vocal, and Michael Hornhaver Mortensen, guitar and vocal. The duo’s heart-felt pop folk songs have gained popularity with both audiences and critics. They both come from Tønder and met at school here. Later their friendship and musical partnership evolved and in 2020 Mallemuk released their debut album Mallemuk. Mallemuk’s Danish language lyrics deal with personal experience, from down-and-outs in the street to the rolling North Sea just beyond the dykes. In February this year, the duo’s second album Alle Folk Slider (Everybody Toils) was released. A single from the album, Mens Vi Ånder Ud (The Last Gasp) was praised on the music site Side33 as follows: “Mallemuk have sown a real hope, not only for the young people but for the whole modern Danish folk music scene.” The album was produced by Søren Zahle, who has worked with Peter Sommer and another Tønder son, Jacob Dinesen. Mallemuk are distinguished representatives of the musical life that thrives in Tønder, in the productive lee of the progressive folk roots profile Tønder Festival stands for. Live Sofie Bollen, vocal, violin, is joining Mallemuk.