Michael McGoldrick, John McCusker & John Doyle (ENG/SCO/IRL)

These three world-famous stars of instrumental Celtic music have often graced the stages at Tønder Festival, both together and in other contexts. They have been playing as a trio since 2009, whenever it fits into their various other projects. Michael McGoldrick masters flutes, tin whistle, uilleann pipes, bodhrán, guitar and cittern. He was born in Manchester in 1971, helped found Flook and has played with Lúnasa, Capercaillie, Kate Rusby, Afro Celt Sound System and Mark Knopfler, among others. He has released several albums in his own name, and at Tønder Festival in 2022 he celebrated the score of years since the release of his landmark album Fused. John McCusker (born in Scotland in 1973) is a multi-instrumentalist with the violin as his main instrument. He has worked with Heidi Talbot, Kate Rusby, Battlefield Band, Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler, among others, as well as making six solo albums, producing for colleagues and winning several prizes. John Doyle (born in Ireland in 1971) played with Seamus Egan and Karan Casey at the core af the Irish-American band Solas. His sensitive rhythmic guitar style has enriched the music of prominent musicians such as Kate Rusby, Eileen Ivers, Linda Thompson and Joan Baez. Their only Danish festival in 2023.