Mikael K & Landstrygerne (DK)

Songwriter Mikael K has been making music for 20 years with his band Klondyke. Now, his first solo album, Stille Uro (Restless Peace), will be released at this year’s Tønder Festival. Mikael K has hitherto written songs about the people he has met and the places he has lived: Copenhagen and its characters, and life in the country. This time, the songs are close-ups, from love songs, drinking songs, about regret, children, separation and divorce, about being outlawed and rejected, about arrogance and flight, and about the restlessness and the peace in a grown man’s heart. Mikael K has played many roles – musician, composer, writer, columnist and TV host – but first and foremost he is a modern troubadour. He has won Radio Denmark’s P4 prize, the Bjørn Afzelius prize, the Gelsted-Kirk-Scherfig prize as well as a Danish Music Award-Folk as Songwriter of the Year. At Tønder Festival 2023, Mikael K’s new songs will see the light of day at the presentation of the new band MIKAEL K & LANDSTRYGERNE.